London Asbestos Support Awareness Group are pleased to announce a new exciting initiative to further support our patients . We have been successful in obtaining funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to purchase some Apple iPads and keyboards to loan to our patients.

The new initiative will help support our clients to join our support groups virtually in these uncertain times of Covid-19, or if our client is not well enough to attend in person there is an extra option for them to join from the comfort of their own home. In addition our clients will also be able to communicate face to face via zoom with their allocated Support Worker to discuss state benefits, compensation schemes and any other questions, queries and any other support.

The Ipad devices will enhance everyday lives as it will allow them to order their food shopping , keep in contact with their families and friends and make use of the search engine to obtain essential information.

We are extremely grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund for giving us the opportunity to support our patients further through this new project and we look forward to sharing stories of how this initiative has benefited our clients.

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