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Katherine Currie takes on 160ft Crane

On 26th February 2023, Katherine Currie, a team member from Hodge Jones and Allen (one of our solicitor panel members) is taking on a massive challenge in London and is bungee jumping from 160ft crane! We are very grateful to Katherine for taking on such a scary challenge to raise awareness and funds for our charity.

If you would like to show your support you can sponsor Katherine through just giving. This link for this is:

A few words from Katherine on why she is fundraising and supporting us:

“Taking part in the Coram Fields’ Bungee Jump is a small token of my gratitude for all the practical and emotional support London Asbestos Support Awareness Group provides to asbestos sufferers’ and their families; as well as to raise vital funds for this wonderful charity so they can continue their essential work. I admire the undivided support and compassion the team provides to those affected by asbestos related diseases. London Asbestos Support Awareness Group work tirelessly to be there every step of the way; no question, worry or help needed is too much to ask for Jodie and her team!”

“I have seen first-hand, through numerous clients, the devastating impact a diagnosis such as mesothelioma has on the patient and their family, and how grateful they are for the invaluable support Jodie and the team provide. It’s not just about advice concerning benefits; it’s about providing a safe space to talk through any issues and to receive practical help and tips from how to obtain a blue badge, to how to stay physically and mentally strong as they negotiate through their own journey”.

“The Asbestos Team at Hodge, Jones & Allen care deeply about our clients, in the same way that London Asbestos Support Awareness Group go above and beyond for sufferers. We both share a passion for helping those in need, at what can be a very difficult and challenging time in the lives of those affected by asbestos exposure. It is very important that charities such as LASAG are supported in order for their vital efforts to continue guiding and comforting those who need it most. This includes promoting treatments, benefit schemes and professional care available to sufferers’ and their families/friends. Every penny raised will help this amazing charity”.

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I’ll be sharing that everywhere. Also, I’m sure number of people would like to see a lawyer swinging from crane 🏗️ I hope she has a success in Her fundraising informer from me my thanks for all the hard work she’s doing

Philip Lewis

Chair London Hazards

Vice chair London, asbestos support awareness group

Member National hazards committee

Chair Committee

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