Providing practical and emotional support for anyone affected by mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases across London and The South East




Our Support Workers are very experienced in supporting sufferers of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases and understand the impact such diseases have on individuals and their families, both physically and psychologically. They are also knowledgeable about state benefits and compensation schemes and maintain close liaison with other key professionals in the care of the sufferer and their families.

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Our team are available to visit individual sufferers in the comfort of their own home or can be contacted by telephone, to assist with paperwork and provide ongoing support and guidance.


We hold monthly support group meetings across London and the South East, including Essex and Kent, for sufferers and their carers to meet others undergoing the same experience.

Our experienced staff, together with special guest speakers and other professionals will be available to provide information, advice or a listening ear in a safe and private environment.

We will always have a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) available to answer any questions about your treatment plan or symptoms you are experiencing.

Due to current restrictions, and to keep everyone safe, we have been hosting virtual support group meetings and we are expecting our face to face support groups to resume in August 2021. These events will be dependant of government restrictions. 

Please contact us for the latest updates on where your nearest support group is.



We can provide information for FREE legal advice and support this is available from a panel of specialist lawyers who, not only understand the emotional and physical feeling of the sufferer, but are also proven experts in dealing with asbestos related disease claims. If you would like further information please feel free to contact us.


London Asbestos Support was set up by The London Hazards Centre Trust Limited, a registered charity, established in 1984.

We obtained independent charity status in 2017.

All of our services are free.



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Support Manager

Jodie has worked in the Healthcare industry for 13 years starting from a carer before being promoted to Area Live In Care Manager for Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge. Having managed many clients and their carers suffering from early stage dementia through to end of life with a range of conditions Jodie has a passionate nature for her clients and her support workers. Jodie is a first aid and manual handling trainer and has completed her First Response Emergency Care Level 3. In addition Jodie has operational skills which she has developed in previous roles.


It is so nice to speak to people with the same condition as myself. And so interesting for me and my wife to listen to the guest speakers. This is a marvellous group run by such lovely people who are so kind and helpful and nice to know they are always at the end of the phone. Long may it continue.


Marika, I have benefited greatly from your visits which have become an essential lifeline for me as a cancer sufferer. The charity is a very important part of the overall support required by patients affected by asbestos related diseases.


These sessions I find amazing. I leave at the end of them feeling very elated. After being with people in the same boat as me, my fears and worries are sent back to where they belong and my positive mental attitude is maintained.


I was given a booklet about LASAG when my diagnosis was confirmed of Mesothelioma so gave them a call and was contacted by Marika. We made an appointment and she came to see me at my house and I was really impressed with her knowledge that she had about cancer and what LASAG could do to help me. All my options were explained to me in clear layman’s terms and Marika helped me fill in all the forms needed to put a claim in for compensation, she also called the DWP and made a claim on my behalf for PIP. Once this was done she gave me my options for contacting a solicitor so that I could pursue a civil compensation claim. I am very grateful to LASAG as you need support at a time like this and Marika has given support and advice ever since.


Yvonne came to see us. She was very helpful giving us all the advice on welfare benefits and other support numbers to help make things easier. She was in regular contact with visits and phone calls. Indeed all through Norman’s treatment and end of life and his passing, the LASAG team have been brilliant. I still get phone calls asking me how I am.


Alison, thank you so much for your visit. I am so glad I made the call to LASAG, the bonus being was to meet such a good person like you. The help you have given us so far has made everything feel so much easier.

Ken & Heather

Thank you for coming to see me yesterday. My head's been in a bit of a spin over the past few weeks, so it was good to take time out with you and learn more about my diagnosis and the support you can offer. Notwithstanding the irreplaceable support and love that my family bring, you tend to feel a little isolated once you're outside of the direct care that the medical professionals have been providing. I understand now the importance of the support that you and your organisation offers to sufferers of asbestos related diseases, and how it provides a vital and seamless link between all the various elements of the process. I look forward to staying in touch and will get along to the support group meeting at Canterbury at the first opportunity I have.



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